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Membership Guidelines

Eden Prairie Community Band & Ensembles

Entertain the people of Eden Prairie while fostering and encouraging the social, education and cultural purpose of promoting and preserving community band activities. Provide fellowship and a means for adult musicians to play for their mutual enjoyment and musical growth. 


  1. Rehearse concert band and smaller ensembles on a weekly basis.
  2. Promote celebrations of the community by organizing and performing a minimum of 10 community concerts within Eden Prairie.
  3. Promote the concert band and small ensemble performances by performing community concerts within neighboring communities.
  4. Promote life long recreation by connecting with the Eden Prairie High School Band Department by performing at the District Band Concert and utilizing high school students within the summer musical orchestra.


  1. Open to adult musicians in the city of Eden Prairie and surrounding communities.
  2. Have an interest, talent and constructive attitude toward performing music.
  3. Able to actively participate in the Band during a one-year term from September to July.
  4. Steps to ensure a successful registration with the band:
    • Present name to director.
    • An opening must exist in the section (70 active members total).
    • Director interviews prospective new member.
    • Prospect is invited to two rehearsals.
    • Director notifies section leader and band secretary (updates the membership roster) of a new player to the Band.
  5. High school students are also invited to play in the band with recommendation from HS Band Director/Instructor or audition with the Community Band Director.

NOTE: Preferred member selection status to Eden Prairie residents but does not limit non-resident adults from participating. 


  • The band is a recreation program of the City of Eden Prairie, is coordinated by the City of Eden Prairie’s Arts & Special Events Coordinator and directed by the Community Band Director and/or Associate Director and Jazz Band Director (contracted positions with the City).
  • Function within City limits unless approved by the Coordinator to travel outside of the community. Trips traveling out of the U.S. need approval by the Program Board and City Council.
  • Operate within an established budget from the City of Eden Prairie. Coordinator must approve all revenue and expenditures ahead of time and sign off and code all claims.
  • Donations can be collected and must be reported by the Coordinator to the band’s revenue account.
  • Provide an environment free from discrimination and unwelcome conduct that could be considered harassing, coercive, disruptive, violent or threatening. Inappropriate or harassing behavior will not be tolerated or allowed.
  • Follow the City of Eden Prairie’s behavior guidelines for suspensions or revocation of membership due to inappropriate behavior within the band activities.
  • The EPCB Program Committee is a part of the Community Band Program. Set up to promote and work with the Community Band Director and Arts & Special Events Coordinator on aspects of the Community Band and its members.
  • Accessibility sensitivity should be given to:
    • Admission price of concerts
    • Audience transportation to productions
    • Audience appeal
    • Physical accessibility of rehearsal and concert site(s)
  • Perform a minimum of eight free public concerts to the residents of Eden Prairie; i.e. 4th of July Celebration, Garden Party, Jazz on the Prairie Festival, Arts Festival, Holiday concert, two concerts at the Staring Lake Concert Series, and one other spring or fall concert.
  • Form an orchestra for the summer musical productions and attend all necessary rehearsals and productions.
  • For the purpose of the EPCB Program Committee, the Community Band Director and Chair of the Program Committee divides the band into a minimum of five approximately evenly divided sections (example: Flutes; Clarinets/Oboes; Trumpets; Trombones/Baritones/Tubas/Percussion; Saxes/French Horns/Bass Clarinets).
    • A representative from each section is selected by a simple majority vote of the section members annually.
      • Each Section Leader attends the EPCB Program Committee meetings. If the leader can not attend a meeting the section will select an alternate.
      • A Section Leader may be removed by a simple majority of the section with the approval of the Community Band Director and Program Committee Chair.
      • Section Leaders will conduct band business within their section (examples: note absences of section members at concerts and rehearsals, pass out music, lead sectionals, welcome new members into their section, etc.)

Expectations of the Band Members 

The success of the band depends on you. Members are encouraged in musical self-development by home practice and challenging music. Regular attendance is extremely important, however, we know there will be times when you will not be able to attend. If you need to miss a rehearsal or a concert:

  • Call your section leader to let them know you will be absent.
  • If you have the folder at home, please make sure the music gets to rehearsal by giving it to another band member or dropping it off at the rehearsal site (Central Middle School).
  • The School District encourages a fragrance and scent-free environment. Occupants and visitors are asked to refrain from using fragrance items while in district buildings.

Concert Dress: 
During the regular concert season, members are expected to wear dark “dress” clothing. Men are expected to wear suits and ties. During the summer season, the band wears the Eden Prairie Community Band polo shirt and dark slacks. Band members will need to purchase a band shirt at Bob’s Sports World in Eden Prairie. 


The band meets every Thursday night from 7:00 – 8:45 p.m. in the Central Middle School (CMS) band room. Members are encouraged to arrive at 6:45 p.m. so that they may warm up and tune. The first rehearsal of the season is the first Thursday after school starts and our summer session ends the last Friday in July. 


There are approximately ten annual concerts that the Community Band, Jazz Band or the Ensembles perform at but are not limited to, these are: 

February – District Band Festival 
June – Jazz on the Prairie Festival (Jazz on the Prairie Big Band) 
June – Staring Lake Concert Series 
June/July – EPPAE Musical (Orchestra) 
July 4 – 4th of July Celebration 
July – Staring Lake Concert Series 
September – Sunbonnet Days (Dixieland Band) 
December – Holiday Concert 


EPCB Program Committee

Work with the Community Band Director and Arts & Special Events Coordinator on aspects of the Community Band and its members. 


  • At least once each quarter with an agenda that includes all business relating to the activities of the Community Band.
  • The Community Band as a whole will meet in October for the election of the officers and section leaders. Any member of the committee may request additional meetings.
  • All meetings of the committee and the band shall be governed by informal parliamentary procedures.

The Program Committee consists of elected officers, section leaders, Band Directors, and the Arts & Special Events Coordinator. The officer positions are defined as Chair, Chair Elect, and Past Chair. 

Program Committee Officers:

  • The Chair Elect is elected by the band membership at the annual band meeting and holds an office seat for a total of three years with rotating responsibilities: First year as the Chair Elect, second year as the Chair, and third year as the Past Chair.
  • In the event that the office is vacated for any reason before the current term is complete, a special band meeting is held to elect a new member for the position.
  • In the event that the office of the Chair is vacated for any reason before the current term is complete, the Chair Elect will assume the role for the Chair. A special band meeting is held to elect a new member for the position of the Chair Elect.
  • In the event that the office of Past Chair is vacant for any reason before the current term is complete, the Chair and Chair Elect will appoint a new Past Chair to complete the remaining term of office.
  • Members of the band interested in serving as an officer must submit either a verbal or written notice to the current Chair before or at the annual band meeting. The regular election of the Chair Elect occurs in the month of October and shall be complete by the end of October.
  • Any officer may be removed without cause at a band meeting by a 2/3-majority vote of the membership. The open office is filled by the conditions stated above.
  • The Program Committee appoints a Recorder who must be a member of the band. The term of this position is perpetual until the person resigns or is removed without cause by a majority vote of the Committee. Upon a vacancy of the appointed office, the Chair serves the duties of the position until the Committee appoints a new officer.

Chair Duties:

  • Preside over all meeting of the committee and band as available.
  • Enforce due observance of the program guidelines.
  • Call emergency meetings of the Program Committee when necessary.
  • Appoint committees as needed.
  • Disband committees as needed.
  • Be responsible to the band at all times and accept and carry out any instructions given by the band.
  • Maintain communication with the Arts & Special Events Coordinator and the Community Band Director(s) on all aspects of the band.

Chair Elect Duties:

  • Perform the duties of the Chair in the absence of the Chair.
  • Serve as an advisor to the Chair.
  • Assume other duties assigned by the Chair or Program Committee.
  • Coordinate the work of all standing or special committees.

Past Chair Duties:

  • Attend all meetings.
  • Serve as an advisor to the Chair.
  • Assume other duties assigned by the Chair Program Committee.

Recorder Duties:

  • Keep an accurate record of all business transacted at all meetings of the Program Committee and Band.
  • Present in writing the minutes of the previous meetings to members in session, the Band Director(s), and the Arts & Special Events Coordinator.
  • Post the minutes at the rehearsal site for all band members to review.

Section Leader Duties:

  • Represent the band section at the Program Committee meetings.
  • Conduct business within the section. Examples: record absences of section members at the concerts and rehearsals, pass out music, lead sectionals, etc.